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Private Tutor Service

Casablanca Expert Private Tutor

Due to popular request I am happy to offer a service that will enable you to personally and privately access the expertise and knowledge of yours truly, Chet Davis.

With the knowledge gleaned from my 9+ years employed by MacroSystem US, coupled with my background in media production and my gift for teaching - I am available to 'travel' electronically to your edit suite and provide expert instruction and training directly to you.
With the Casablanca Expert Private Tutor service, I will link up from my Casablanca Lab and come through your computer (either Windows PC or Mac).  You'll see my Casablanca screen and we'll hear each others voices as I answer your questions, teach you new software or operations.  This, offered to you in a one-on-one experience where you can feel comfortable asking any Casablanca question.

* This is not intended to provide Tech Support or equipment warranty service - this Tutor Service is designed for Casablanca customers who wish to learn new software capabilities, new operations or even to receive suggestions for completing a specific project or sequence.

The Casablanca Expert Private Tutor Service is available for $100.00 per hour (Website Members receive a 20% discount).  You may choose to book only 1 hour or multiple hours at once. 

You can order your Private Tutor session now in the Casablanca Expert Online Store
 If you have any questions - please send an email message directly to Chet Davis:

Click here for the technical requirement for your computer to participate in a Casablanca Expert Private Tutor session.