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General - Using the Color Wheel to select appropriate colors for titles, etc.

Using the Color Wheel can help you to select colors for your titles and background scenes that best fit into the surrounding scens' color/s.

Colors next to one another are not complementary. If you were to choose red or violet, the two colors next to red-violet you’d be selecting a bland color scheme.

The most complementary colors are listed opposite of each other on the wheel, so the color that will really make red-violet 'pop' on your audience's TV screen is yellow-green, while yellow and green (the two colors on each side of yellow-green) are also complementary to red-violet.


Courtesy: Cornell University

You can have some fun with colors and the Color Wheel by playing with the Shift Hue effect (Effects Pack 6).  You can read how to use Shift Hue in this article.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis