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Titling: Importing text into the titler (great for long lists of names)

NOTE: The following procedure requires Smart Edit 6 or higher (Bogart SE OS has this capability)

This function in the Casablanca Title menu is a huge time saver, allowing you to import a raw text file into your project (example: credits for a dance recital, concert, play, etc).  It does not retain or import any specific font, color, or font attributes – it only transfers the text.

If you are working to create a credits scroll for example, I find it easiest to obtain the document file from the person who prepared the printed program.  You can either have them email it to you or provide it on disk (highly preferred to scanning it in as you would then need to use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application which will work but requires more time and another step).

You must get this text file saved as a Unicode or ASCII text file.  This setting can be found in word processing applications but frankly I find that it is much easier to take your text (created in whatever application), copy and then paste it into one of the following two application which have a much quicker/easier saving process and are fully compatible with this function on your Casablanca:

If you are on a Windows device, simply copy and paste the text file into Notepad – this utility is found as a free utility.  Or you can use the free word processing application from OpenOffice.Org (  Drop the text into a text document and use ‘Save as: text’.  Then save this file on either a CD, a USB thumb drive (USB Stick) or an external HDD.

If you are using a Mac you can use the TextEdit application - a program that comes as part of the OS. You can either copy and paste your text into the program or type directly into it. The important step in the Mac Text Edit program is how you save the file -- under 'Format' - select 'Make Plain Text' (if this option isn't available it will say 'Make Rich Text') then the text is already in the correct format.  Now to save your document, under 'File' select 'Save As' and select 'Unicode (UTF-8)' making sure that the box is checked/ticked next to 'If no extension is provided, use ".txt"

1.    In your Casablanca go into the Titling menu, add a Title Effect to the storyboard to the appropriate scene (if you are adding a long line of text, like credits you would likely select either V-Scroll or Fading V-Scroll
2.    Delete any previous title In the menu (delete both Boxes & Pages)
3.    Select the Font you wish to impart onto the incoming text,  and set it for size 25 (this is important as if you have longer names/text and a large font it will not import all of your information)
4.    If you wish, also select/adjust the other attributes in the Style menu of the titler that will automatically be imparted to your imported text.
5.    Insert the CD or the USB stick/device into the Casablanca, ensuring it is fully seated (connected)
6.    Open up the Text button in your titler to see the onscreen keyboard
7.    Click on the tiny square icon (disk with arrow) in bottom right corner of keyboard
8.    Then select the location of your text (CD/DVD, USB or
or external HDD)
9.    The name of the file you saved previously should show up, click on that file to select it and click ok.
10.    Your screen should fill with the text from that saved file
11.    Now change or select the Font size you want and park your cursor on that line that is the way you want it.

12. Click on 'Boxes' > 'Extended' > 'Copy Font to all' and/or 'Copy Style to All' Lines if you wish to make a change of the Font, size and/or style.

NOTE: Some customers were/have had issues importing text from CD, I recommend using the USB Flash Drive which has worked very well for me personally.

Thanks to website member Michael Dyson for his input with the Mac application above

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis