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Transitions: Chet's Favorite Transition Effects

Favorite Transitions
Here is a sampler of transitions I use most commonly - I provide this as some folks ask in my workshops and presentation for me to share personally which of the many, many transitions do I find most valuable

I have also used most of the other transitions for specific applications/reasons. It sometimes pays to simply play with a different transition using specific footage to determine if it suits your needs.

Bump (Effects #5)
This gives you a great, embossed look - particularly useful for titles or a ‘watermark' effect

Color Fade (OS)
I select the color white and run this at ½ second (15 frames) as a transition between photos

Crossfade (OS)
Ok, I am a bit old-fashioned but there is nothing like a good crossfade for many projects

Diagonal Wipe (Effects #5)
A clean, simple transition

Double Exposure (OS)
As its name implies, provides a means for overlapping two scenes

Fly-On (Effects #3)
I use this effect to transition between different segments of a video

Megazoom (Effects #3)
Used sparingly, this over the top effect is particularly well suited for sports, commercials, etc

Motion 3D - Pack 1 and Pack 2
These two separate Effects packages provide a multitude of professional looking 3D transitions. A must have for corporate/commercial projects. My favorites includes M3M3, M3D9 and M3D5.

PIP Studio/PIP Studio 2 (PIP Studio / PIP Studio 2)
One of our oldest and most popular transition packages, PIP Studio has many applications.

Raster (Effects #1)
Another clean, but attractive transition I use often

Streaks (Effects #5)
A clean but artsy transition which can be used in many types of projects.

Z1 Drop 2 (3D Shapes)
Particularly cool if used in a project where water is part of the subject

Z1 Page Turn (OS)
A staple of photo montages, also makes a good transition between different segments

Zoom Fade (Effects #8)
A very versatile transition as you can select the actual transition pattern from any in your Image Pool! Wedding videographers enjoy using the heart pattern from Ultimate Spice Box or Video Spice Rack.

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