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Archiving & Restoring Software Codes on the Bogart OS

Folks who own one of the 'Next Generation' Casablanca editors running the Bogart SE Operating System are likely aware that if you perform a clean installation (for example, of a new Operating System version) you not only have to install your add-on software but you must also install/re-install the 12-digit activation codes for each software product.

On the Casablanca II series of editors (running Smart Edit) you could perform a clean installation and were only required to load (install) these add-on software products but the activation codes were retained in the editor -- not the case with the new Bogart OS. 

In early 2009 Macrosystem DE came up witha method to alleviate the hours they would take.  The streamlined method is now possible with Bogart SE OS Version 2.2 and higher. 

1. Insert either a USB Flash Drive (thumb drive) or connect an external Hard Drive (HDD) via either Firewire or USB cable.
2. Click into System Settings
3. Click on 'Software Installation'
4. Click on the small 'U" at bottom right corner of the software install menu

5. Click on 'Export'
6. Select CD/DVD or device name in the pull down menu (under CD/DVD)
7. Click 'OK'
8. After just a few seconds you should see a prompt reading 'Export Successful'
9. Click OK as any of the 12-digit activation codes you installed have been backed-up or saved onto your chosen media.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis