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Requirements for Participating in the Advanced Online (Virtual) Casablanca Workshop.

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Four Tuesdays - May 10, May 24, June 7, June 21
11:00AM-2:00PM Pacific / 1:00-4:00PM Central / 2:00-5:00PM Eastern

For complete agenda, workshop details & online registration see this web page:

NOTE:  This is an Advanced session and is not for beginners or novice users. 
You should be very comfortable with the use of your Casablanca editor - a recommendation is that you use your Casablanca daily or regularly... that's the kind of fluency or comfort level we are striving for with this workshop.

This does not mean you cannot ask questions or even that you should not have questions... but rather we want to ensure the skills of the workshop participants is at a level that allows us all to reach new heights.

If you believe your skills are more of Novice/Intermediate with your Casablanca, you may find this workshop more to your preference/ability: Virtual (Online) Novce/Intermediate Casablanca Workshop

cassie comp station
Since this is a Virtual (Online) Workshop - your computer will need to be close enough to your Casablanca to follow the teachings while you work on your Casablanca.  Check this web page for computer specifications: Webinar Computer Specifications

What You Should Know & Be Able To Do

Workshop Software Requirements

What You Should Know & Be Able To Do
What follows is a list of the operations you should already know about or be comfortable with to be successful in this Advanced online workshop:

Connecting & Set-up of your Casablanca
Navigating comfortably between menu screens
Importing of video footage (scenes) into Casablanca
Fluency with the Edit Menu: Navigating the Scene Bin and Storyboard, Using New & Special Lists
Comfort with the Titling Menu (use of Font and Style Options) and Transitions Menu
Knowledge of basic PIP Effect (using Picture in Picture or PIP Studio)
Familiarity with DVD Arabesk Functions (ideally you will have created a successful simply DVD Menu/project)

* If you feel 'rusty' on any of the above topics, I can guide you to an online streaming video on my website and/or recommend a section on one of my Casablanca Foolproof Tutorial DVDs.

For complete agenda, workshop details & online registration see this web page:

Virtual (Online) Workshop SoftwareRequirements

The software you should have installed on your Casablanca video editor to participate in the Casablanca Expert Advanced Virtual (Online) Workshop:

Casablanca OS Version (Operating System)

Bogart V3
(there are several functions that require the Bogart OS)

Casablanca Add-on Software

Audio Effects Pack - installed & active
Disk Transfer - installed & active
DVD Arabesk 4 - installed & active
PowerKey - installed & active

BlueBox World - installed & active, demo OK
Candy Factory - installed & active, demo OK
Deluxe Titler 3D - installed & active, demo OK
PIP Studio 2 - installed & active, demo OK
Particle Magic - installed & active, demo OK
Motion 3D XL (pack 1 or pack 2) - installed & active, demo OK
Ultimate Spice Box - installed & active, demo OK

For complete agenda, workshop details & online registration see this webpage:

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis