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Quickstart Guide to Moving BorderX 1

Moving BorderX1 is compatible only with the Bogart OS Casablanca Editors

This week in NTSC a new Casablanca software was released, called Moving BorderX 1.  This add-on software - which allows you to 'lay over' one of 25 graphic masks on top of your full motion video scene/s (or on top of still scenes, photos, etc) works just like the other BorderX products.  You can work with this software in the Demo mode and it will show a big block with the word 'DEMO' moving about your screen.  If you decide you wish to use the software simply purchase the activation code from your Casablanca reseller and then activate the software, you can then use it without the DEMO tag (you will need to re-render any effect you had created with the demo version)

Here is a short tutorial to help you get creative with this software quickly...
Moving Border X1 is found under the Special button in the Edit Menu, as well as in Image Processing Menu. The reason you would use the effect in the Image Processing Menu is when you need to apply the effect to more than one scene (can even do the whole storyboard). For this quick-start tutorial, I will be applying the effect to one scene in my Scene Bin.

1. Select a scene in your Scene Bin to affect (if you're just expirementing, select a shorter scene to facilitate quick rendering)
2. Left click on the Special Button, and scroll down to 'Moving BorderX 1'
3. Left click on 'Select Border'.  This opens the 'Select Animation' Menu.
You should see the name Moving Border X and a preview window of the effects - if you do not (or if you see a different software) click on 'Product' and scroll to select 'Moving Border X 1'
4. Scroll to select one of the 25 masks or animations for this product. For your first work on this software I recommend leaving the Colorize off (no check mark) and leave Mode set to Positive and Alpha set to 100%.  Left click 'Ok'
5. You should now be back at the Moving Border X1 menu - I recommend leaving Face set to 0:00:00 for starters and leave speed set to 100% as well.
6. Click on the 'Preview' button (at left) to see a preview of the effect.
If you wish, now is a good time to switch to a different mask/animation before going further.

Here is what the other menu options/variable do with this software:

Position Border
- this allows you to change the size of the mask/animation from full-size (covering the whole screen) to covering a portion of your video/scene.  To use this, first click on 'Size' and scroll to select a size smaller than the full-screen. Then Left click and click on 'Position'. You can move the animation/graphic to your desired position (represented by the dashed lines).

Fade - this slider provides an effect where the Moving BorderX graphic fades in and fades out on your scene (according to the time you select).  Example, if you select a Fade time of 0:01:00, your video scene will appear and then 1-second later the graphic will fade in over your scene. At the end of your scene the graphic/mask will fade out 1-second before the end of the scene.

Speed - this slider with 7 selections determines the speed of the motion in the Moving Border graphic.  The default is 100% - you can slow the animation down using one of the other values.  The 'Smooth' settings are to be used if the speed you select causes 'shuttering'. 

When you have an effect you like - simply left click 'Ok' in bottom of the Special menu and it will render/create the effect on your scene, placing that new scene tot he right of your original scene.


Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis