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UHD Collection for Casablanca 3

 U/HD Collection for Casablanca-3 / DVC

 Available for both platforms (Bogart for Windows and Bogart) this add-on software features a collection of animated background animations and graphics.

For Windows in perfect UHD + HD resolutions, for Casablanca-3 in Full HD resolution. Furthermore, switch graphics are included, which can be used via the Bogart ImagePool in all program areas (eg Titler, PiP-Studio 3, etc.). Especially for Arabesk 20 menu templates are included, which can be used directly in the assistant - or manually adapted to the own disk project.

For Bogart Casablanca 3, the same graphics are available but in Full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

You can see screenshots of this software on this MacroMotion DE webpage (click on the smaller images for larger versions).


NOTE: This software requires Arabesk 7 update 

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis