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Arabesk 8 Info

NOTE: The following information on Arabesk 8 is provided courtesy of the Macrosystem Forum here:



The changes introduced with Arabesk 8 for Windows:

  • NEW : Creation of Arabesk 8 UHD disk discs from UHD and 4k projects 
  • NEW : Support for 100 GB Blu-ray discs as a reference medium
  • NEW : With the Arabesk 8 settings you can set whether you want to "burn several discs in a row". If the checkmark is set in the Arabesk settings, Arabesk 8 counts during the burning process. You can always see how many discs have been (successfully) burned. At the end of each burning process you can either insert another disc or stop when the desired number has been reached.

Additional improvements with Arabesk 8

  • A possible cause of a crash with multiline but empty text lines in the menu calculation has been fixed.
  • The text in the "Calculate movie" window is now fully displayed even with a very high screen resolution.
  • Assistant: In the "Quality" window, the assignment at> 100% is displayed in red
  • Assistant: The setting "Menu design - Background" prevented the correct use of the already selected template and was removed. If necessary, the background can still be changed (and correctly) via the "Main menu" item.

Important notes about Arabesk 8:

  • The Arabesk 8 UHD disk discs are played by a large number of 4k Blu-ray players, but not by all ... basically like the first self-made DVDs + BDs. Best if you create moving menus. Simple menus with a still image are often not displayed correctly or not at all. If no movement is desired, you can of course simply create a still image from a pattern or scene image, for example with 30 seconds, and use this as a "moving scene" for the background.
  • In real 4k projects with a width of 4096, the edges for the UHD standard are automatically trimmed to a width of 3840!
  • Only UHD or 4k projects can be used for UHD disk projects
  • It doesn't make sense to extrapolate all smaller resolutions.
  • If you have an SD or HD disk project in which there are also 4k / UHD films and you switch to UHD disk, all smaller resolutions will be removed from Arabesk after a warning
  • If necessary, make a copy of the disc project beforehand and switch over there if DVD / BD + UHD disc (only with UHD films) are required
  • The menu display is only possible in Full HD, but the films are then played back in full UHD resolution.
  • DVD discs are too slow to play. For testing the demo version, rewritable BD-RE blanks should be used 


A list of already positive and negative tested 4k Blu-ray players can be found here: 



The Arabesk 8 for Bogart Windows can be used as a demo version.

Since UHD projects are not possible with the Casablanca-3 and DVC models, which are up to 16 years old, there is no Arabesk 8 for these models. 

 NOTE: Customers in NTSC will find the Download link and release notes here: (scroll down beneath the top two videos)

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis