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USB Thumb Drives - which will work with my Casablanca?

If you are working with a Casablanca II model  (AVIO, Kron, Prestige, Solitaire, Renommee, Liberty, Gymnos, Claro) there are two models of USB sticks/flash drives which are more compatible than any other in the marketplace.  You _might_ find that another models works but these are most assured to be compatible with your Casablanca II

The two models that have been known to work well are the Kingston Traveller/
Kingston Data Traveller and the PNY Attache.  I recommend staying with low storage sizes - for some folks the really big ones (16GB) models can give inconsistent results, and you will likely find that the smaller sized drives are less expensive because other folks want the biggest, latest, greatest... I have seen mostly universally compatible results with up to 4GB sizes.

Remember - you will need to have 'Card Drive' software installed and activated on your Casablanca II to be able to read the USB drive.  You will also need either Casablanca Photo Transfer or Casablanca Photo Studio/2 to import JPEGs (pictures) into your Casablanca via the USB Card Drive.

See this article to compare/contrast the
Casablanca Photo Transfer or Casablanca Photo Studio 2 software products.

NOTE: Bogart SE OS users will find that virtually any brand of USB drive is compatible - this is due to the advantages that the new Linux backbone afforded the developers.  Also, Bogart SE OS has the Card Drive software built into the OS.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis