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Casablanca Expert Private Tutor

Price: $100.00

You can benefit from a Private Tutor session with the Casablanca Expert Chet Davis to cover whatever topics interest you the most!

By popular request I am happy to offer a service that will enable you to personally access the expertise of the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis.

With the knowledge gleaned from his 9+ years employed by MacroSystem US and his background in media production and his gift for teaching - Chet is available to 'travel' electronically to your edit suite and provide expert instruction and training directly to you!

With the Casablanca Expert Private Tutor service, Chet will link-up from the Casablanca Lab and come through your computer (Windows or Mac PC).  You'll see his Casablanca screen and we'll hear each others' voices (thru telephone or computer mic/headset) as he answers your questions, teaches you new software or operations.  This one on one experience allows you to feel totally comfortable asking any Casablanca question and getting your needs met personally.

The Casablanca Expert Private Tutor service is available at $100.00 per hour. NOTE: If you are a member/subscriber of and you are logged into the web site you will see the 20% discount, reflecting a Private Tutor price of $80 per hour.  You can reserve by the hour or multiple hours at once to be used at your discretion.

Following your purchase - you will be contacted by Chet Davis to arrange your tutor time/s.

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