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Title Studio Intensive

Price: $24.00

Chet Davis takes you through the intricacies of the new Casablanca Title Studio software.

In the new Casablanca Foolproof Volume 6: Title Studio Intensive, Chet Davis guides you through the capabilities of the Casablanca Title Studio software.

This new title engine provides a range of functions and features that Casablanca customers have been wanting in their title creation capabilities including the ability to customize your own fonts as well as character oriented titling (you can have separate font attributes for each and every letter).  In Title Studio we also now have the ability to copy & paste text! NOTE: This titling program, released in August 2010 in NTSC/May 2010 in PAL,  requires a minimum of Bogart Version 3.2 Operating System (the software can be operated in the Demo Mode on your Bogart editor). 

View this 7-minute video for a glimpse of this tutorial

DVD Tutorial Contents
    • Chapter #1: Title Studio Introduction - 6:58
    • Chapter #2: Text Styles -  9:16
    • Chapter #3: Text Edit (Font Customization) - 22:51
    • Chapter #4: Title Effects Menu - 5:23
    • Chapter #5: Box Options - 6:29
    • Chapter #6: Page Options - 6:06
    • Chapter #7: Deconstructing Titles - 19:33

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